PUBG Mobile has quietly begun beta testing on the Canadian Google Play store, and it’s been fully localized in the English language. While U.S. and iOS solutions will likely be available soon, we want to show you the steps to join the party before everyone else. Follow this quick guide and you’ll have that chicken dinner to-go in no time.


As of right now PUBG Mobile testing is exclusive to Android devices with version 4.3 and higher. If your phone or tablet fits that description, we can move on with the steps. An iOS version is believed to be coming soon, but it’s not here yet.

'PUBG Mobile' gameplayThis is what ‘PUBG Mobile’ looks like in action.TENCENT/PUBG CORPORATION

  1. On your device, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play. Tap “Storage” and press the buttons to clear your data and cache.
  2.  Get a VPN application like TunnelBear. Open the menu to select your desired country and choose Canada. When asked if you’d like to tunnel to Canada, select “yes.”
  3. Hit the large “Connect” toggle and wait for the process to complete.
  4. Swipe down on the screen to open your Task Manager and disable all cellular data connection on your device.
  5. From your device or a desktop, open Chrome and click your existing Google Account avatar. Hit the “manage accounts” button. Hit “manage accounts” on the next screen again and select the option to Add Account.
  6. Click the Create Account button when prompted and fill in the necessary details. You can skip the option to enter your phone number.
  7. After that’s finished, make sure you’re signed in to the new account and click the PUBG Mobile beta link here.
  8. Open it in the Play Store and install. If you don’t see the install button, try hitting the Google Play menu button in the top left and make sure you’re signed in with the new account.
  9. Once the install begins, you can open TunnelBear, disable the VPN and re-enable your cellular data.

This is the English version of the beta test, which means you don’t have to play PUBG Mobile in Chinese anymore. We’ll do our best to update this guide as future versions of the beta become available in other territories, but this is currently the best method to get the job done on Android.

PUBG Mobile is a free download on Android. An iOS test will likely happen shortly.

PUBG Sanhok Map is Returning to Test Servers this Week

We also have new details on when the map will release fully

PUBG Corp has announced a fourth round of testing for its smaller, more action-oriented map Sanhok. The map is set to return to test servers this Thursday.

Speaking in a Steam Community Post, PUBG Corp outlined the timings for when players can jump back into Sanhok. The 4x4km arena will be available on May 31 at 7pm PST/ June 1 at 3am BST, and wraps up on June 4 at 4am PST/ 12 noon BST.

In the update post, PUBG Corp detailed the release plans for the map:

This will likely be the final Sanhok test on the Experimental Server. If everything goes according to schedule, Sanhok will come to live servers near the end of June. Even after it launches, we’ll continue making changes based on the feedback we get from you guys.

Sanhok is the third map to come to PUBG. It is by far the smallest, with a 4x4km area of play. It was previously released under the name “CODENAME: Savage” and has been in test servers on three separate occasions so far.

For those looking to make use of the Experimental Servers for the first time, you’ll find it listed underneath the main game on your Steam Library. It acts as a separate programme to the main game, so you’ll have to create a new character in order to test out the new map. There’s currently no word on when Sanhok will come to PUBG Xbox One, although given that the Xbox version of the game only recently got Miramar, it may be some time.

For more on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, head over to our PUBG guides hub , which gathers together everything you need to know about the game including info on weapons, and tips on how to master the new Sanhok map.

New PUBG Xbox One Update To Release on PTS This Week; Likely to Be Final Test Before Live Update

Microsoft and Bluehole will be deploying another PUBG Xbox One update on the game’s test server this week, which will likely be the final public test before the update will be deployed on the live servers.

The PUBG Xbox One development team is hard at work on the Miramar map for Microsoft’s console, and various new updated and builds have already been rolled out on the public test server. Taking to Twitter, executive producer Nico Bihary has now shared that a new build will be rolled out on the test server this week. According to Bihary, the team is aiming for this to be the final test build before all of the changes and improvements are being rolled out to the live servers.

“We’ll be pushing one more #pubg #xboxone PTS this week”, he wrote. “Goal is for this to be the final Public Test before we bring these changes and improvements to Live. Look for PTS hours via official channels at appropriate time.”

The update for the test server will be a new build, according to Bihary.

The producer added that more information about a release schedule on the live servers is expected to arrive at the end of this week.

PUBG is available now for both Xbox One and PC. The game was released through Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview program back in December of last year.

Know how You Can Become a Master of Aiming in PUBG


This is the message displayed to those that win PUBG. But, you might have never seen it as you never were the last man standing.

Many an individual use a playerunknown battlegrounds hacks to become the champion; however, you will still need to master the art of aim in the game.

PUBG follows aiming physics of real-life that military all around the world uses to eliminate enemies. Thus, to become the champion, you also have to keep abreast of how to use a scope, and that too, with excellence.

So, without further ado, here is a guide on how to aim better in PUBG with various sights.

Some tips for making your aim better

  1. Engage enemies that are at a distant only with 4X, 8X, and 15X scopes.
  2. Hold the LMB while aiming with a sniper rifle. The scope view will get removed after firing a shot.
  3. Pressing ‘Shift’ while aiming will hold a player’s This will steady shots and also help in aiming well.
  4. Keep moving your Mouse downwards when firing with the full auto mode. Weapon recoil will make the nozzle go up continuously.

How to eliminate moving enemies?  

Eliminating moving or running enemies is one of the critical problems one can face. One of the key skills that one needs to master in PUBG is to estimate the distance of an enemy.

After learning about estimating the distance, one can move towards the next step – engaging.

Imagine one person in front of your actual target if he/she is 100 m away. Firing that imaginary target in front of the actual will eliminate it. Likewise, imagine two people in the front of the target if he/she is 200 m away.

However, different firearms come with different bullet time, and this needs to be checked as well.

With continual practise, one can become a pro in killing moving targets in no-time.

What could help more in this scenario is a PUBG ESP hack. An ESP shows the locations of all enemies, i.e., their usernames to players even through solid objects. This makes spotting or avoiding them easier.

How to set the scope position? 

The above guide can help for moving targets, but what about stagnant ones?

For acuminating a target 100 m away, one needs to put the tip of the chevron on it. Similarly, a player will need to target with the bottom of the chevron for an enemy 200 m away.

Aiming a target 300 m will require one to put the tip of the line on it. Players will have to target with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd notch of the scope for targeting enemies at 400 m, 500 m, and 600 m away respectively.

Few sights to keep in your inventory

  1. 4x ACOG Scope – Helps eliminate targets at medium ranges.
  2. 8x CQBSS Scope – Provides a field of view magnification by 7.25 times when aimed down the sight.
  • 15x PM II Scope – Although 15x, it can zoom with a maximum of 12x, but can help enemies at a considerable

Combining a PUBG ESP hack with the above guide can help a player to get the message WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Click here for more PUBG hacks, aimbots and more!