PUBG Sanhok Map is Returning to Test Servers this Week

We also have new details on when the map will release fully

PUBG Corp has announced a fourth round of testing for its smaller, more action-oriented map Sanhok. The map is set to return to test servers this Thursday.

Speaking in a Steam Community Post, PUBG Corp outlined the timings for when players can jump back into Sanhok. The 4x4km arena will be available on May 31 at 7pm PST/ June 1 at 3am BST, and wraps up on June 4 at 4am PST/ 12 noon BST.

In the update post, PUBG Corp detailed the release plans for the map:

This will likely be the final Sanhok test on the Experimental Server. If everything goes according to schedule, Sanhok will come to live servers near the end of June. Even after it launches, we’ll continue making changes based on the feedback we get from you guys.

Sanhok is the third map to come to PUBG. It is by far the smallest, with a 4x4km area of play. It was previously released under the name “CODENAME: Savage” and has been in test servers on three separate occasions so far.

For those looking to make use of the Experimental Servers for the first time, you’ll find it listed underneath the main game on your Steam Library. It acts as a separate programme to the main game, so you’ll have to create a new character in order to test out the new map. There’s currently no word on when Sanhok will come to PUBG Xbox One, although given that the Xbox version of the game only recently got Miramar, it may be some time.

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